Re: Random thoughts about possible enhancements. wrote:
> 1. Improvements to the ToDo lists.
>   a. I noticed that recently an end-date was added, however this
>      doesn't seem to be shown in the GUI - only on the edit dialog.

Being the one that provided the patch for the "due date" enhancement to
the TODO list I should explain how to enable visibility of the due date
on the main screen.

Open up the Preferences dialog, click on the tab titled "Todo List"
Check the box that says "Due Date" in the Show on TODO List frame.

And as a value added bonus, if you would like the items that are overdue
to be highlighted check the box titled "Highlight overdue items" in the
TODO List style options frame.

You can even specify the highlight color in the Colors tab. 

If you have any more problems please let me know.

Thank you for your input,

Clifford "Rusty" Conover
Computer Science Undergraduate, Montana State University - Bozeman
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