language bindings / command-line tools

Hi all:

I've been using my own command-line todo list system that was pretty
primitive but I enjoyed being able to do everything from the shell for
efficiency reasons.

I believe more command line tools to integrate with gnomecal/card would
encourage greater user acceptance and I would like to create a
command-line TODO system that will read the standards based files that
gnomecal/card use.

I've found some of the specs for the file formats used, so far so good.

Can anyone enlighten regarding Perl, Python, or C bindings/libraries to
read/write/manipulate these data structures?

If there isn't anything for Perl, anyone have some input regarding the
development of a parser and style of language interface (OO vs. trad.

One final question: I've noticed there is an XML version of vCard.  Is
this something that gnomecal/card use/will use ? XML certainly solves the
problem of re-inventing the parsing wheel each time.

thanks, GNU/GNOME rules! :)

Jordan B. Baker --
weaving the web @

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