Re: Buildj file(s)

--- El lun, 4/10/10, Abderrahim Kitouni escribió:
> > * Include paths and defines seem to be missing from
> the targets
> I don't understand this.

Large projects could be split in modules. The modules may use different source files based on the configuration. This is likely to require the use of defines (which are also used in configuration tests) and include paths (to find the headers).

> > * What about configuration tests? not everything
> consists in checking
> > for a function or a package,
> ... even if we would like it to be ;-) ...
> >  and linking against foreign libraries will
> require some
> > customization. How is the system going to handle
> this?
> 'going to handle this' is the whole point of this mailing
> list, every
> problem needs to be discussed and solutions proposed.
> I didn't think much about this particular problem, but
> Alberto may have
> his idea about it.



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