Re: Buildj file(s)

في ن، 04-10-2010 عند 21:05 +0000 ، كتب Nagy Thomas:
> Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.0 or 3.1 is required for the creation of the waf
> script. The yaml files won't be loaded during the creation of the
> script, and the resulting file will work with Python 2.5 or 2.4 (2.3
> if the subprocess module is provided).
Right, I was doing some silly things, sorry.

> That's just the load part, the dump part seems to be missing. Also,
> will the internal representation use dicts or ordered dicts? Will the
> comments remain after serialization/deserialization for example by an
> IDE?
Yes, that's only a parser. But buildj-the-build-tool only needs to parse
the file. For an IDE to write use this correctly, it's the IDE's
problem. Anjuta for example manages to modify the autotools files, so I
don't think we should worry about this.

> A few more questions:
> * Are files going to be listed as arrays or will it be ok to list file
> on single lines?
They definitely need to be listed as arrays, but I'm going to add
support for arrays on a single line to the tnyaml parser (using the
python-like 'flow style' list syntax).

> * Is the following 'foo.c some\ name.c' going to be interpreted as a
> list of files or as something else?
Right now, it is interpreted as a single name, but since a list is
expected, it may as well just crash. It may make sense to accept a
single string instead of a list and split it (or let waf split it).

> * Include paths and defines seem to be missing from the targets
I don't understand this.

> * What about configuration tests? not everything consists in checking
> for a function or a package,
... even if we would like it to be ;-) ...
>  and linking against foreign libraries will require some
> customization. How is the system going to handle this?
'going to handle this' is the whole point of this mailing list, every
problem needs to be discussed and solutions proposed.

I didn't think much about this particular problem, but Alberto may have
his idea about it.


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