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2010/10/4 Nagy Thomas <tnagy256 yahoo fr>:
> * Are files going to be listed as arrays or will it be ok to list file on single lines?

Single liners can be done with [file1, file2, file3], but I am not too
happy about having too many ways to do stuff (as it'll encourage
fragmentation of the way people specify things, and therefore make
life harder for people who have to write their own parsers for IDEs
and what not).

My inclination is to support the following scenarios and discourage
[...] list notation:
/* Single file */
input: file1.c

/* Yaml lists */
   - file1.c
   - file2.c

/* Glob and Ant glob patterns */
input: file*.c

input: **/*.c

> * Is the following 'foo.c some\ name.c' going to be interpreted as a list of files or as something else?

As per YAML, that's not a list. As I mentioned before, I'm generally
against having too many ways of doing stuff. So 'foo.c some' will be
'foo.c some'. There are many file systems that support spaces in the
file names and therefor spaces should be spaces not separation between

> * Include paths and defines seem to be missing from the targets

Yup, we should add support for includes and defines on a per target
basis. I've been focusing on the pkg-config usecase so far.

> * What about configuration tests? not everything consists in checking for a function or a package, and linking against foreign libraries will require some customization. How is the system going to handle this?

I haven't thought about that yet, so that's up to be decided :-)

> Thomas
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