Re: possible F13 build slave

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> > In brief, at the beginning you should configure both slave and master
> > in your own machine. Once it is working, it is just configure the
> > master on b.g.o to include your slave, and configure your slave to
> > connect to b.g.o master.
> Maybe update that howto to say that you need to set up your own master first ?
> I wasn't aware of that, and it seems an unnecessary extra step. In
> particular, since the
> docs on that howto for master setup are severely lacking... I'll see
> if I can get that
> done, anyway.
> > Additionally, a good percentage of the modules should be compiling
> > properly. Frederic Peters proposed 80% or 2/3 in the past [2].
> I'm pretty sure my last jhbuild run met that.

I believe it's enough, there's no need to have it pass through a local
build master.

So, what do we need? (I should make this into a wiki page, I know)

 - max number of concurrent builds
 - whether make check should be run (many checks will fail if jhbuild
   is not run in a xvfb session)
 - contact details (name, email)
 - host details (distribution, version, architecture)
 - source IP (at the moment is firewalled, but I
   can't remember if it's at Red Hat or GNOME level)


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