Re: Holes in GNOME 3 process

On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 05:21:48PM +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
> In the same way, when this RHEL5 build-slave was running, it was not
> clear who should review the builds. I randomly checked that, but
> pragmatically was not the best, as I can't install new packages on
> that machine (ie [1], I just modify the slave and master
> configuration).

Just ping #sysadmin.

> Sometimes I feel that the review of the builds on the machine provided
> by GNOME should be reviewed by GNOME sysadmin, but not sure
> anyway.
> Olav, any opinion of my attempt of assigning two tasks to sys-admin
> group?

Not many in the sysadmin group are developers. Packages can be
installed, etc, but we need to be notified.

The build machine should be updated to RHEL6 now that it is out. This
will allow the use of cgroups. Latter will allow to cleanup all the
processes after a build cleanly.

Anyway, I want all machines to be on RHEL6 and I'll try to focus on that
once I am back from vacation.


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