Re: Potential build slave running OpenSolaris nv_s101

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Frederic Peters wrote:
> David Adam wrote:
> > Further details are available at - it's 
> > currently successfully building about 50% of the modules in the set. 
> > One of the main factors is an issue with -std= flags on Solaris.
> I think I still need to write some guidelines on the requirements for
> a buildslave to be added; ideally I'd like buildslaves to join with
> over 80% of modules building, but at first the limit could be set at
> two thirds.  Also I could simply hide buildslaves falling behind the
> threshold from the main page.
> From a quick look at the wiki page it looks like some issues are
> simply caused by modules requesting that are assumed shipped as part
> of the distributions (gdbm, aspell/pspell for example).  Also guile
> from the bootstrap phase is just required for a few modules (actually
> I just know of gnome-games from the top of my head), this part could
> be ignored, or a guile package from Solaris.
> Getting back to the threshold, I hope you can achieve it quite fast,
> filing bugs against modules (vte that do not find ncurses, although
> that one could just be a missing configure option, modules using
> -std=c99 without checking if it is supported) could accelerate this.
> > Please let me know if this would be a useful addition to the tinderboxing 
> > efforts. Buildslave name could be ucc-opensolaris.
> I would be quite pleased to see it added once it reaches 66%.

Hi Frederic et al.,

After a couple of months of furious patching and bug filing, we've reached 
133/200 modules in gnome-suites-2.28 building and installing successfully, 
which meets the threshold you've described. Thus we're hoping to have the 
OpenSol machine included in the buildbot listing.

I notice that is still on 2.26; is this likely to be 
changed? We've been targetting 2.28 on the basis that we're able to get 
bugs fixed in modules for this branch.

We might even get a FreeBSD-based machine going in the next few months 

David Adam
University Computer Club
zanchey ucc gu uwa edu au

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