Re: Potential build slave running OpenSolaris nv_s101

David Adam wrote:

> After a couple of months of furious patching and bug filing, we've reached 
> 133/200 modules in gnome-suites-2.28 building and installing successfully, 
> which meets the threshold you've described. Thus we're hoping to have the 
> OpenSol machine included in the buildbot listing.

Excellent, and congratulations for the continued effort.

> I notice that is still on 2.26; is this likely to be 
> changed? We've been targetting 2.28 on the basis that we're able to get 
> bugs fixed in modules for this branch.

You were right doing so; I am planning to update it to 2.28, once
2.26.2 is out (May 20th).

> We might even get a FreeBSD-based machine going in the next few months 
> too.

Multiplying environments will definitely help making the build process
more reliable, this is great.


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