Re: Buildbot version

El jue, 19-06-2008 a las 17:08 +0200, Frederic Peters escribió:
> John Carr wrote:
> > Or something to that effect. We'd still have to write custom code to do the
> > page, though.
> I'd say we will have to (to have nice integration features[1];

that's right

>  and
> while I currently don't have the ressources to work on Buildbot stuff
> I would be happy to cook a homepage, and other pages
> if needed, from data found in whatever files and formats Buildbot will
> create.

Actually, API is already using the nice mockup you provided for the home
page of with the style of :)

> (too bad I won't be in Istambul to offer you beers)

Too bad :(


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