Re: wip/soundfont (and wip/ branches)

On 21.09.2016 21:08, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
If you want me to guess, it could be related to bse_object_new now hardcoding the C++ object types that 
are paired with a GType object.
But you're right it needs further investigation.

Fixed, by replacing g_object_new with bse_object_new, see below.


I tried it, while merging master into wip/soundfont-merge there are the following

 * git diff [ ] will show all changes in master, that is a lot
 * it can be workarounded using explicit git diff master [ ]
 * also, git status produces a looong list of stuff, due to the number
   of changes in master

also after the merge gitk will show every change in master if you select
the merge commit and look at the history.

So the next thing I tried was reversing it, and create wip/soundfont-merge
as proposed:

 * git diff shows the expected thing (diffs created by soundfont code)
 * git status shows the expected thing (status changes by soundfont code)

after merge gitk will show the soundfont branch history.

Hm, gitk shows a combined diff for the merge... Just learning how to read that from git-diff(1) ;-)

With git diff, I suspect you view this:
  git diff 1698dc960d2607323551a72c59d581efdbe6e1fc^!
  *   1698d # Merge branch 'wip/soundfont' into wip/soundfont-merge (8 days ago) <Stefan Westerfeld>

So it seems that to git, the merging process is not completely symmetric and
its better to think of it as merging a topic-like branch onto a master-like

Yeah, I think that's simply dependent on the order of the merge parents in the merge commit.
What I meant was the file tree should end up the same, right?

Anyway, you can now pull the branch (produced in this way)


Merge commit:
  Merge branch 'wip/soundfont' into wip/soundfont-merge

   This merge creates a version of the wip/soundfont branch that cleanly applies
   to the current master branch.

This should say something like "merge with 'master'" (like the description
mentions), instead of referring to a temporary branch that'll never be pushed
into the public beast repo.

--------------------------- bse/ ---------------------------

This should have never been checked in.

+++ bse/bseproject.proc
+ METHOD (BseProject, get-sound-font-repo) {

Please try to move this into bseapi.idl, we're trying to get rid of all *.proc files.

diff --cc bse/bsesoundfontrepo.proc

Same here, please try adding this to bseapi.idl.

it also contains two additional commits after the merge:

 * the g_object_new triggering assertion problem
 * I also moved the replay network from zintern/ to res/.

This looks wierd, master doesn't have zintern/ anymore, your merge
commit doesn't seem to reintroduce it, but the

so I was able to test that loading soundfonts and playback works.

Ok, that's an important step already, thanks so far.

The merge doesn't apply cleanly to my local tree which has a bunch more proc->bseapi.idl moves in it.

I'll do my best to push this to github in the net few days and can need your help resolving the conflicts 
after that.

   Cu... Stefan

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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