Re: Import a MIDI file

On Sat, 26 May 2007, W.Boeke wrote:


I tried to import a midi file into beast, but got no sound.
I mapped all channels to an existing synthesizer, and could
not find out what more should be done.

beast doesn't produce MIDI output yet.

Import from midi files would be very valuable, because a lot
of free midi files can be downloaded from the internet. It
would be fun to orchestrate some of them in beast.

after you've imported MIDI notes into beast, you still need
to load instruments and assign those to the various MIDI tracks,
otherwise there's nothing to play for beast.

I have also a suggestion for the beast developers. Why don't
you stop working on the code and first write a decent user
manual? I know this is not a pleasant endeavour, but without
such a thing the app simply is not useable for a 'Jo User'
like me!

well, we're currently working on extending the stock instrument
set, so we are able to assign instrumnets automatically to
MIDI songs at some point.

someone writing a manual/tutorial would be great, we don't
have spare resources for that though. but i'll extend on
that in another mail.

Wouter Boeke


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