Beast Tutorial Volunteers

hi All.

the idea/need for a comprehensive manual or tutorial for beast
has been brought up a few of times recently:

unfortunately i am fairly busy with other projects (rapicorn,
glib/gtk+ which also have resource shortages), so i probably
won't have the time to write a full manual any time soon.

thus, i'd like to suggest to start this as a community effort,
e.g. people from the beast mailing list could speak up if they
have interest/resources to help with tutorial creation.

first, we'd need someone to coordinate the effort and continuously
bug people about outstanding actions on accomplishing the tutorial.
any single person or also small team of people could do this, we
just need someone to speak up, who is determined enough to actually
persue this subproject over some time ;)

the core developers (Stefan, me) will of course provide all the
help that is required, i.e. just flood us with questions where
needed and we'll do our best to answer. given we get the personal
resources sorted out, i think a suitable process probably could
look like this:

a) come up with an section index and discuss that here on the beast
   list, the "current" version of that index is probably kept easiest
   as a wiki page. people don't even need to sign
   up there for editing.

b) do coarse fill-ins of the sections outlined in the index, this
   can be done by multiple persons, core devels are required to
   review and help with the fill-ins here. sending us weekly
   reminders about the sections still waiting for review would
   probably help in the progress, e.g. similar to the weekly
   bug report lists on gtk-devel-list:

c) after coarse material is available, the sections will need some
   editing/rewriting/complementing to be more coherent and fit
   an overall style, this probably needs little to no core devel
   attention (so it has little chance to block on us ;)

so folks, please stand up if there is any constructive input
you can provide on this subproject. because without any voluntary
efforts coming from the user base, beast is highly unlikely to
get a manual or extensive tutorial.


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