feature request: wave osc looping

The feature I'd like would be a loop for wave osc like on amiga wave osc. 

Even better than a simple "loop" flag as an parameter would be a loop start 
and loop end. So a sample will be played up from the start and then begin 
looping a part. 

It would be good to have a sync out and a sync in for the loop part too, so 
that its just working like an ordanary osc. 

The start and stop for looping could also be fetched from bsewavetool instead 
of manually parameter input. I think this even could be better. 

With this feature it would be possible to play any *any* wave we'd like and 
are not limited anymore on the standard waves or combinations of this. This 
would be very useful for synthesizing voice only to name one of many examples 
(MIDI-speech synthesis).

greetings Hanno

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