delayed trigger, analog comperator

I got much trouble with the adsr module, because I'd like to do something 
complete normal with the synth - combine two sounds. First to explain the 
generic problem for example to synthesize something like a pan-flute. 

First you will hear the noise from blowing the flute, then after a small time 
the chaos goes and the tone comes in. This is a complete standardproblem of 
sound synthesizing and can be solved with a very simple module:


You find one of those here:

The Input-Trigger (for example the gate signal of the keypressing) will be 
delayed for a certain time and then it generates a new triggersignal for a 
certain time. 

Input: Signal in
Output: Signal out
Parameters: Delay, Signal length

This is the easy way to do such things. For the same reason there is an other 
really simple module I desperatly need:


For the same reason as the delayed trigger I'll need this one. 

Input: Sig 1, Sig 2
Output: Trigger, Neg-Trigger, sum-out
Parameters like on the website offset sig 1, offset sig 2, offset, gap 

This module together with the delayed trigger (delay=0, signal length=x) also 
works as a monostable flipflop (for lengthen short burst peaks of a certain 

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