two new oscillator types

There are two kind of oscillators I like to talk about. 

1) harmonic generators

Easy thing, for generating a waveform you choose a parameter for each 
harmonic, that says with how much percent it should be added to the resulting 
wave. With that its possible to generate every waveform you like, but its 
more intuitive than "painting" a wave on the screen. With this equalizer-like 
form you create sound with certain overwave-spectrum which you can handle 
quite more easy as just with substractive soundshaping through filters. Its 
additive soundshaping.

2) the graintable synthesizer

I discovered this sort of synthesizer in reason. You put together 5-100 ms 
long short microsamples. Let repeat some of these grains. And in the end you 
get a very complex sound that would be impossible to synthesize with osc, fm 
or substractive or additive synth. I work that out, but you can do such 
mindbending complex sounds like didgeridoos with that. Didgeridoos, dig it?

I want that. Definitly. 

best regards

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