[Banshee-List] Schedule proposal for Banshee 2.4

Hi everyone,

After a nice 2.2 release, it is now time to think about Banshee 2.4,
in particular about the schedule for this cycle. So you'll fine below
my proposal for our time-based release schedule. As usual, it is quite
close to the GNOME schedule, but with the stable release one week
earlier than GNOME, and less intermediate releases.

Note that this is only about development releases, the 2.2.x bug-fixes
releases will be made as the need arises. For example, I'm planning to
put out a 2.2.1 release in a few days, as we have some good fixes in
there, particularly concerning the Amazon store.

Schedule proposal :

2011-11-02 : 2.3.1 release
2011-11-30 : 2.3.2 release
2011-12-21 : 2.3.3 release
2012-01-18 : 2.3.4 release
2012-02-15 : 2.3.5 release - Feature freeze, string freeze
2012-03-07 : 2.3.6 release
2012-03-19 : 2.4.0 tarball available
2012-03-21 : 2.4.0 announcement

What do you think ?
I'm looking forward to your comments, in particular from our great packagers!

Bertrand Lorentz

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