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If you select multiple tracks, there should be a Next button (and probably a Back or Previous button) to move between songs in your selection.  However, I don't really know why the ability to go back and forward needs to be disabled when only one track is selected.  You might want to file a bug report about this.

Also, if you have multiple tracks selected, you can edit metadata for all of them at the same time by filling in the field, then clicking the button to the right of the field.  That button will push the metadata for that field to all selected tracks.  Hope that helps!


On Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 11:06 AM, Richard <richard bosek gmail com> wrote:

Dear Mailinglist,

I was wondering if it will be possible to include new feature in
banshee (rhythmbox has got one like that, and few other players)

When right-clicking on song in play-list I can edit song information
but to edit next song I need to close this TAG, right-click and edit
next song. That's very time consuming.

Mass reamers or ID3 Tag changers are not always good for that also.

- I was wondering if you could include option to go to next track
Properties from current track properties. Or better, option to select
few tracks, open properties window and change any field that will
impact all selected tracks. For example change Album field for all of


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