Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee 1.8 & Issues with Creative Zen Music Player

> When I open Banshee the device is recognized, but often onlys shows a small
> amount of the music on it

I've had this happen when I leave the default fine name format
([number]. Track Artis - Title) and have tracks with not track numbers.
The resulting files begin with a dot and so are hidden bu UNIX
convention, but are still there and visible to your player.  I'd use one
of the file formats that does not begin with "number." and resync your
music to your device.

> When I attempt to drag and drop tracks or albums into the Music folder, it
> just does not let me at all.

Banshee has you drag and drop to the device, not the "Music" folder on
the device.

Hope that helped a little.


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