[Banshee-List] the road to 2.0

Banshee people!

We will be the default music app for Ubuntu 11.04!

This will mean millions of new users.  To give them an awesome first
impression and ongoing experience, let's focus during 1.9.x on
polishing our UI, UX, stability, and performance.  We will undoubtedly
add some new features, but "Polish! Fix!" should be our mantra.

We continue our GNOME-aligned release schedule;  Banshee 2.0 will
arrive April 6, 2011!  The full release calendar is here:

We are committed to making Ubuntu's transition to Banshee successful.
 You can find bugs that specifically affect the transition here:

For info on all the ways you can help, visit http://banshee.fm/contribute/

Let's welcome Ubuntu to the Banshee party and get started on the road
to an awesome 2.0!


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