Re: [Banshee-List] Import iPod to Banshee....the first time?

2010/8/27 Alan <alan mcgovern gmail com>
A guy came into the banshee irc channel a little while ago asking
about this. If it was you it's a pity you didn't stick around longer
as someone (me) could've responded ;)

config.log is inside your banshee directory. Just take a quick look for it.

Generally I see this happening a lot, despite informing people that they need patience. People on IRC might be working, sleeping or whatever, but I have never seen a question go intentionally ignored, it is just hard to not do so when people only stay in the channel for a few minutes and don't leave any kind of information.

Please, please do stick around for as long as you can if you need help. I see people dropping out even before I finish typing the answer to them every day.

General guidelines, run banshee-1 --debug --redirect-log (reproduce the problem and quit) and put the resulting ~/.config/banshee-1/log file on (remember do not run banshee again till you copied the log or Banshee will overwrite it). Include the resulting URL in your question and stick around for an hour or so. Even if you hit a time when nobody is around for whatever reason, there is a chance that your log is at least stored and the URL logged by someone so we have something to go on. This does not mean leave the URL and then depart IRC, since that mean we can't ask follow up questions or request testing.

- David

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