[Banshee-List] Wishlist for Banshee

Dear Banshee Developer

First of all i'd like to thank for the nice music player. From my point of view there are only a few things missing and 
Banshee is going to be a masterpiece:

**Jump to the Artist be typing the fist character**
In the Artist-Window I'd like to type a L and jump to "Led Zeppelin". Even better if I could type a LO and jump to 

**Sort an Artist's albums by year in the grid view**
This option is only effective in the track list. I'd like to have the albums sorted by year in the grid view as well.

**Easily search for a genre without typing it manually**
When i'd like to listen to my "Rock" songs I can search for the genre "Rock" by typing in "Rock" into the search box. 
But how to I know that I have a "Balearic" song in my library? I'd like to have a drop-down list with every genre I have 
in my library. 

**Refresh file and folder names**
I started to organize my library with Songbird and Songbird couldn't update file and folder name when the metadata was 
changed. This option works pretty well now in Banshee. I like Banshee to rewrite ever folder and file name so everything 
has the same pattern. I could re-import the hole bunch of music, but as I'm running out of disk space it would involve a external hard drive. 

**Better integration of iPod**
I have an iPod classic 160gb and it is not recognized by Banshee. So I do the syncing with Rhythmbox, which does a great 
job. I'd like to have better integration of iPods for example using libgpod and flac conversion on the fly. 

I hope to see some of the feature in the future releases of Banshee.
Thanks for developing Banshee, Thomas

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