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On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Dave <lemonsforlemonade gmail com> wrote:
Linux Mint is similar to Ubuntu in almost all cases. If you add the Ubuntu PPA for Banshee to Linux Mint it should work and get you updated to the latest version of Banshee as well as keep you up to date on all others. I believe the latest version of Linux Mint corresponds with Ubuntu Karmic. I don't believe Linux Mint comes with the "Software Sources" part of the menu so you will most likely need to use the terminal to install it.

Here is the PPA:

I believe opening up Synaptic and going to Settings -> Repositories -> Other Software -> Add and putting in
deb karmic main 

then repeating the process and adding

deb-src karmic main

reloading should get you what you need.

Be careful not to Mark All Upgrades though, since, if I recall Clem holds back Ubuntu kernel upgrades, some xorg stuff, and a bunch of other fun things that can potentially hose your system.

Mint should have a mintUpdate feature hiding among the other mintTools that should let you upgrade Banshee without the other stuff.

I apologize for not being able to be more precise, but it's been a while since I've used Mint myself. Assumic mintUpdate still works the way I believe it used to, those steps should get you Banshee 1.6.0

Good luck!

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Crap! I apologize for my confusing wording. When I said that you would most likely need the terminal to get the PPA working, that was before I investigated Synaptic and found a way to install PPA's from within it. If the way I suggested does not work the terminal is the next best step I bet, but I don't recall how to do it this way.

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