Re: [Banshee-List] lyrics plugin new version

2009/6/5 Christian Martellini <christian martellini gmail com>:
> I don't like the context pane so much. In my personal opionion it create
> clutter in the banshee wonderful UI and moreover it don't fit well with long
> lyrics. (The first versions of lyrics plugin were already developed using an
> old banshee context pane). But if users want it I could implement a context
> pane lyrics version. Users rule! :)

What I like about the ContextPane is that it provides a unified
interface for all the extra information on the currently playing
music. If the current implementation is not perfect, well, let's
improve it! For example the pane could be changed to attach to any
side of the window, auto-hide/expand, resize, etc.

> Currently I'm just experimenting a possible integration between lyrics and
> the "Now playing extension' What I want is to show lyrics directly in the
> now playing window together with all track information already displayed. I
> read some older post about the arguments and I think this could be a nice
> addiction (the now playing window for the current song is too poor) .. What
> do you think?

That would be a great feature. But again, the context pane is visible
even in the Now Playing source ;)


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