Re: [Banshee-List] ANNOUNCE: Banshee 1.5.0 (aka 1.6 beta 1) Released!

2009/6/1 Gabriel Burt <gabriel burt gmail com>

We've released Banshee 1.5.0, aka 1.6 beta 1.  It is the result of six
months of work by more than 30 people.

Note to packagers:  pass  --with-vendor-build-id, see NEWS for details
and updated dependencies.

New Features:
 * Powerful unicode-aware case-insensitive search; i.e. n matches Ñ
and vice-versa
 * Locale-specific, case-insensitive, unicode-aware sorting
 * Artist/album/track sort fields support; i.e. can set artist sort
to "Beatles, The"
 * Separate library locations for Music, Video, and Podcast
 * Creative Commons-aware license column/field
 * Score column/field, automatically updated when played/skipped
 * Beats per minute (BPM) support: column/field, preference to
autodetect library-wide
 * Rhythmbox library/metadata importer

And many, many more, including 165 fixed bugs.

Full release notes:

Download the source code:
: 84cc6eccc053164fd16b89ed6c093d7994bb3e888ab5ad2c273bbb43675074e1

Will this enter openSUSE factory anytime soon? 

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