[Banshee-List] lyrics plugin new version

Hi guys,
Banshhe 1.5 is out, so I think It's time for a new version(0.7) of the lyrics plugin too :)

What's new ?
    - Completely code rewrite : the old code was messy and I was not proud of it, so I rewrote it completely
    - Removed monodevelop solution files and stetic dependecies
    - Add leoslyrics api support. Like Rhytmbox now also banshee could fetch lyrics from leoslyrics db (http://leoslyrics.com)
    - Small UI changes
    - Lyrc up again (Long live to Lyrc)

To download sources:

To download it from svn:
    svn checkout http://bansheelyricsplugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ bansheelyricsplugin-read-only

Soon I will provide also a patch.

For any suggestion/bug report feel free to contact me.


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