Re: [Banshee-List] change cover art with banshee

shayguitarra wrote:
> p'tit Alain wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to exchange the cover art that is shown in Banshee with my
>> own cover art file ?
>> I didn't find the way yet : how should I do?
>> Thanks.
> I've come up with a very manual work around in Intrepid for this problem.
> Bear in mind that this is not practical if you are looking to change large
> numbers of cover images, just the most obviously wrong ones.
> The Banshee album art is stored in /.cache/album art inside your home
> folder. You may need to enable hidden folders so you can see it. Inside
> the album art folder you will see the jpg images for your albums; they are
> named with the artist name and album so they are easy to find. For
> example, Let it Be by The Beatles will be thebeatles-letitbe.jpg. You will
> also notice some numbered sub folders. These relate to the resolution of
> your images, as they are repeated in accordance with the different size
> images that banshee uses in different parts of the application.
> You will need to replace all of the images for the album. The easiest way
> is to do a Go-> Search under the image name. It may return at least two.
> Then, check the resolution on the images returned by your search. Next,
> resize your own preferred image using Gimp or whatever your preferred
> manipulation program is. So if the first image is 34x34px, resize your
> image to 34x34px, rename it (thebeatles-letitbe) and save it into the
> correct folder. In this case the one named 34. Providing you have named it
> properly you will be asked if you want to replace the existing image. Do
> so. Then repeat for the other image(s).
> Hopefully when you restart Banshee you will see the correct artwork
> against your album.

thanks for the answer.

With your idea, I have found something a little more simple : I stored my
album art in the directory of each album (names cover.jpg) : this wasn't
enough for Banshee to replace them with the one it took from I don't know
where (internet I suppose).
But, if you just delete the images of an album stored in /.cache/album art,
then Banshee uses the cover.jpg file the next time the album is read, and
generates automaticly the different size images : you don't have to resize
them with Gimp. 

So what I just did is delete ALL the images in the /.cache/album art
directory : Banshee is yet using all my album art (well to be honest, the
truth is : Banshee will be using all my album art after I will have listened
to all my music...)

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