Re: [Banshee-List] help with using a Zen mp3 player

There's no crash listed here. It all looks normal. When running with the debug flag and in a term, repeat the steps which caused banshee to quit/crash.


2009/2/27 Robert Cochran <rbc3isnow gmail com>

I ran the 'banshee-1 --debug' and here is what i got:

robert RobsMachine:~$ banshee-1 --debug
** Running Mono with --debug   **
[Debug 07:14:48.792] NDesk.DBus.Bus.Session.RequestName ('org.bansheeproject.Banshee') => PrimaryOwner
[Info  07:14:48.841] Running Banshee 1.2.1
[Debug 07:14:53.464] Core service started (DBusServiceManager, 0.006027s)
[Debug 07:14:53.531] Core service started (DBusCommandService, 0.064031s)
[Debug 07:14:54.222] Opened SQLite connection to /home/robert/.config/banshee-1/banshee.db
[Debug 07:14:54.223] Core service started (DbConnection, 0.691136s)
[Debug 07:14:54.274] Database version 17 is up to date
[Debug 07:14:54.347] Core service started (PreferenceService, 0.066379s)
[Debug 07:14:54.355] Core service started (SourceManager, 0.007556s)
[Debug 07:14:55.175] Core service started (MediaProfileManager, 0.818457s)
[Debug 07:14:55.188] Core service started (PlayerEngine, 0.011696s)
[Debug 07:14:55.223] Configuration client extension loaded (Banshee.GnomeBackend.GConfConfigurationClient)
[Debug 07:14:55.557] IO provider extension loaded (Banshee.IO.Unix.Provider)
[Debug 07:14:55.607] Core service started (TranscoderService, 0.064615s)
[Debug 07:14:55.621] Core service started (PlaybackController, 0.012777s)
[Debug 07:14:55.624] Core service started (ImportSourceManager, 0.001728s)
[Debug 07:14:55.661] Core service started (LibraryImportManager, 0.036448s)
[Debug 07:14:55.665] Core service started (UserJobManager, 0.002441s)
[Debug 07:14:55.742] Core service started (HardwareManager, 0.07612s)
[Debug 07:14:55.931] Adding icon theme search path: /usr/share/banshee-1/icons
[Debug 07:14:55.936] Core service started (GtkElementsService, 0.193106s)
[Debug 07:14:56.260] Core service started (InterfaceActionService, 0.323534s)
[Debug 07:14:56.265] Album artwork path set to /home/robert/.cache/album-art
[Debug 07:14:56.266] Core service started (ArtworkManager, 0.004492s)
[Debug 07:14:59.155] Core service started (NereidPlayerInterface, 2.88818s)
[Debug 07:14:59.562] Extension service started (AudioCdService, 0.402368s)
[Debug 07:14:59.569] Extension service started (DaapService, 0.004599s)
[Debug 07:14:59.586] Extension service started (DapService, 0.015735s)
[Debug 07:14:59.620] Using GNOME 2.22 API for Multimedia Keys
[Debug 07:14:59.633] Extension service started (MultimediaKeysService, 0.03477s)
[Debug 07:14:59.749] Extension service started (BookmarksService, 0.108853s)
[Debug 07:14:59.794] Extension service started (CoverArtService, 0.043437s)
[Debug 07:15:00.462] Extension service started (NotificationAreaService, 0.667325s)
[Debug 07:15:00.516] Extension service started (GnomeService, 0.053347s)
[Debug 07:15:01.456] GStreamer pipeline does not run: audioconvert ! xingenc bitrate=128 ! id3v2mux
[Debug 07:15:01.843] GStreamer pipeline does not run: audioconvert ! fluwmaenc bitrate=64000 vbr=false ! fluasfmux
[Debug 07:15:01.845] Extension service started (GStreamerCoreService, 1.329139s)
[Debug 07:15:02.042] Player state change: NotReady -> Ready
[Debug 07:15:02.101] Player state change: Ready -> Idle
[Debug 07:15:02.948] Extension service started (PodcastService, 0.821366s)
[Debug 07:15:03.056] Extension service started (LastfmRecommendationService, 0.107367s)
[Debug 07:15:03.128] Audioscrobbler state: connected
[Debug 07:15:03.151] Extension service started (AudioscrobblerService, 0.091961s)
[Info  07:15:03.156] All services are started 9.713657s
[Debug 07:15:05.594] Loaded IScreensaverManager: Banshee.GnomeBackend.GnomeScreensaverManager
[Info  07:15:08.166] nereid Client Started
[Debug 07:15:08.257] Dap support extension loaded: Banshee.Dap.Mtp
[Debug 07:15:09.165] Dap support extension loaded: Banshee.Dap.MassStorage
[Debug 07:15:09.952] Dap support extension loaded: Banshee.Dap.Ipod

what should i do now?

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