Re: [Banshee-List] Edtiting track info on audio cd's

This bug ( is still not
fixed in the latest version.  There are no indications in the comments
there about whether it will be fixed in the upcoming release.  (I wish I
could help, but I've just been too darn busy lately.)

Todd Wilson

Steven Coté wrote:
> This is a known bug in earlier versions of banshee (definitely in
> 1.0), but i think it's been fixed in more recent versions. Perhaps
> someone closer to the subject can say which version or correct me if
> it hasn't actually been fixed.
> As a work around, your best bet is to rip your music in another
> program like juicer and then import your files.
> On 22/02/2009, EvilEyzed <mortalkmg hotmail com> wrote:
>> PcPixel wrote:
>>> EvilEyzed wrote:
>>>> I'm a new user of Banshee 1.0
>>>> I can't seem to work out how to edit track info for audio cd's???
>>>> No problem doing it on existing music library, what am I doing wrong or
>>>> what am I not doing :confused:
>>> I'm seeing the same thing now. I have two CDs I wish to import. For some
>>> reason, it can't download the tracklist from the internet (they are the
>>> Little Shop Of Horrors Original & Broadway Revival recordings). If I opt
>>> for an import, it does it as "Unknown". There isn't any way for me to
>>> manually edit the CD information prior to rip. Is something misconfigured?
>>> - Banshe 1.2.1 on Linux Mint
>> I gave up this a long time ago. Now I'm just using Asunder to RiP (import)
>> and Amarok to play my library.
>> By the way, I'm also a Mint user =)
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