Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee doesn't seem to want to open in the terminal (FC9)

2008/11/14 Steven Coté <steven cote gmail com>
Any ways, because I'm using Fedora does that mean I'm SOL, or is there some
kind of work around that I can use to get using Banshee. From my dabbling so
far it looks like just what I need, and I'd hate to have to find something
else =) Some way to upgrade my 1.2.1 to a 1.4.1? If not I understand.

There's also the option of compiling from source. I'm currently running SVN Head on Fedora 8, and it wasn't too painful to set up. In fact, I'd say it was far easier than builing the old 0.13.x series of Banshee. IIRC, the only non-fedora packages I had to install were ipod-sharp and podsleuth (and banshee of course). You might not even need those 2 packages since I'm pretty sure they got put into F9

Banshee is fully supported under F9, F10 has the release (1.4.1 blocked by our development freeze pending the F10 release).  Afterwards the latest version will be pushed as an update to all maintained platforms (except F8 I suspect since is ending it's life on December 26th and backporting banshee would be a massive effort).

- David

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