Re: [Banshee-List] Track and album artists

2008/6/22 Michal Sawicz:
Dnia 2008-06-22, nie o godzinie 20:33 +0200, Benjamín Valero Espinosa
> On editing a track (or several tracks) with SVN version I fount two
> fields: Album Artist and Track Artist. What is the difference? I need
> to know it to translate it well.

The Track Artist is the artist that plays/sings the current song, the
Album Artist is someone responsible for the whole album or Various
Artists, for example. It is mostly used to detect compilations.

An album artist could also be someone that compiled a soundtrack or a

All right. Anyway, I don't like these two fields to be showed but when the album is marked as "Multiartist", because in the usual albums the value will be the same in both values. Perhaps some kind of distinction in both cases on editing tracks?

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