Re: [Banshee-List] Multi-Artist albums

2008/7/23 Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com>:
> 2008/7/23 Steven Coté <steven cote gmail com>:
>>> We are working on making the browsers (filters) configurable, so it'd
>>> be entirely reasonable to have a "Track Artists" and an "Album
>>> Artists" filter.  We'd keep the track artists on by default, but you
>>> would be able to choose either (or neither or both) if you wanted.
>> Ah, now that's interesting... So what would that look like?
>> I'm imagining that by default it would look identical to the way it does
>> now (two browser panes, defaulting to Album and Track Artist), and then you
>> could change what each pane is actually browsing. So if you prefer to browse
>> by Album Artist rather than Track Artist, simply change a pane to that field
>> (similar to what Peter de Kraker suggested). Is that what you mean?
> As of yesterday
> (, there was
> no UI code for this yet. Maybe Gabriel and Aaron have some ideas already, or
> maybe they would appreciate some input? (I too wonder what it would look
> like.)

I made some mockups today, you can see them at

Note that 1) the first item "All X" stays visible all the time  2) the
View menus would probably change, be much simpler than these mockups
show, probably show put the visiblity/add new filter in the main View
menu  3)  the scrollbar for the filters would start beneath the "All
X" item (since it stays visible all the time).  Thanks to lamalex for
the feedback already on IRC.


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