Re: [Banshee-List] A couple of griefs with banshee.

But for me as a music fan:
I want a TOOL to manipulate effectively my music library.

Is Banshee this tool?

>For many, yes. For you, maybe not.

Why not make it a tool for me too ;)
Ill happily file some bugs.
Lets see what I can do!

I want to criticize to make your program better.
Thats why I invest time writing, reading and searching the interface..
Nobody should get nervous over some written words..

I think features or fancy graphics are good, the niche is also very fine.. But lets ask again this (maybe boring) question.
I simply want to manage the music. Can banshee provide me with the necessary tools to do that?

>Yes. Any other questions?

I dont like this: "take it as it is" mentality.. I am here to say my experience with this app, isnt this good?! I think its good to speak and discuss.
No more no less..
At the end I am only one user of maybe thousands who use banshee..

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