Re: [Banshee-List] HELP: Codec support question.

Christopher Halse Rogers wrote:
> Aaah, right.  So you'd like to _encode_ your CD in wma or aac?
> For the first, I don't think we want to support encoding into wma,
> since it's generally more of a pain than any other random codec you
> could choose.
> For the second, there isn't yet a working mp4 muxer for GStreamer, so
> while it's possible for GStreamer to generate an aac stream it's not
> possible for anything to play that stream back yet :).
> I'd suggest encoding to Wavpack or FLAC if you want lossless, ogg if
> you want lossy and don't have a portable music player, or mp3 if you
> want lossless and have a portable music player that doesn't play ogg.
> I think that covers pretty much any use-case you would have.
> According to the user
guide, it ALREADY is supported 
I want to know if this is true or not (the user guide says it is), and if
so, why I seem to be unable to import as wma, wav, etc. Is there a
non-gstreamer plugin I need, if not, then this is obviously a bug (I have
all the gstreamer plugins) and I will report it as such.

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