Re: [Banshee-List] Please run make update-po in po/

On 2/28/07, Colin Marquardt <colin marquardt-home de> wrote:

please run make update-po in the po/ subdirectory and commit the po
files - they (the de.po at least) are very old and translators don't
have the latest strings for translation.

Also, I noticed a lot of strings like these:

msgid "<b>Album Cover:</b>"

According to the Gnome i18n guidelines, they should be constructed
so that translators don't need to take care of the Pango markup
unless absolutely necessary:
("Avoid markup wherever possible")

An example given there is

   str = g_strdup_printf ("<b>%s</b>",
                        _("My translated string"));

This would be a welcome change for the next development series, even
if it means translators have to strip out some of the markup again :)

This sounds like a good candidate for a bug: That way we could have it available for
people wanting to get familiar with the code. I imagine this would be
a good place to start and might give a chance to become familiar with
internationalization also. They could provide patches more easily in


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