Re: [Banshee-List] Samsung YP-U2 not recognized

--- "Scott J. Henson" <sjh sjhserv net> wrote:
> I just got a new YP-U2 and I would like to be able
> to use it
> with Banshee.  Hal seems to recognize it as a
> digital audio
> device, but it never shows up in banshee.  Also ipod
> --list
> never shows it.  I'm using Ubuntu Feisty with
> banshee 0.11.3
> and libipoddevice 0.5.2.  Any help with getting
> banshee to
> recognize my DAP?  Thanks.

I have run into the same problem with mt Lexar 128MB
JumpDrive. Hal IDs the player, it shows up on the
Debian Etch desktop with a little iPod style icon, it
is not however seen by Banshsee. Where should I go
looking for problems?


Colin McGegor

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