Re: [Banshee-List] 0.11.3 crash on startup in Ubuntu Edgy

On 12/22/06, Luke Hoersten <luke hoersten gmail com> wrote:
When I install from source I always use my own prefix on Edgy and it
works just fine. Try using opt as the prefix or something and see if
that works.

On 12/22/06, Dan Mann <Dmann trivalentgroup com> wrote:
> I haven't read the debug instructions on the website, but I noticed your running banshee from /usr/lib.  When I compiled and installed banshee on edgy, it installed to the /usr/local subdirectories.  Could you be trying to run an edgy version of banshee & your compiled version is using old libraries?
>   Maybe you changed your install directory to /usr/lib.  I know the precompiled edgy package I used installs banshee under /usr/lib and not /usr/local/lib.

Or skip the headache and rebuild the packages from Feisty:

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