Re: [Banshee-List] Occasionally Won't Make Sound

On 12/21/06, Patrick van Staveren <trick vanstaveren us> wrote:
I would suspect a gstreamer issue, or worse, a kernel/alsa/alsa-lib
issue that is soundcard specific.

If you can replicate this in another program, that'd be golden; if you
can get it using totem+gstreamer or by using gstreamer at the command
line, or by some other magical method, that'd be a great way of
diagnosing it.

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not sure how to test this at the
commandline. I installed xmms and then realized I could test with
aplay as well. Neither work. So I headed to ubuntuforums to check what
I could find there. I found some other ways of testing. Looks like
gstreamer is safe. This seems to be down deeper. I added my experience
to another post here:


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