Re: [Banshee-List] Occasionally Won't Make Sound

On 12/21/06, Josiah Ritchie <josiah ritchie gmail com> wrote:
I occasionally start up banshee and tell it to play with not so musical results.

When this happens, the seconds click by faster than normal on the
song, but no sound comes out. If I restart banshee or even update from
svn/cvs including plugins I get the same thing so maybe this isn't
banshee at all. It usually works fine the next day or several hours
later, but persists for a rather long time.

platform: Ubuntu Edgy
gstreamer: 0.10
 - Edgy updated that today, not sure what it was, had the same issue before

Does anyone else experience this? I'm guessing at a gstreamer issue.

Happen to have your music mounted over NFS? I've seen similar things
when sapping my bandwidth between my computer and the system with the
music (usually when copying files).

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