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On 2021.10.04 15:21, Mike Witt via balsa-list wrote:
For some reason, when I reply it doesn't seem to go to the list.
What mail software are you using? There should be an explicit "reply to list" or "reply to group" command/button/menu item. In a pinch, "reply all" should also work, but check the headers before hitting "send."

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Sorry about that. I downloaded balsa-2.6.3.tar.xz and untarred it. Then I'm running the configure command. I've run it many times and up until I hit enchant I was able to find and install everything. Is there any other into I can give you?
The full configure command line you used, with all parameters and switches. (I don't expect there to be a problem there, but you never know.)

I normally just use the version of Balsa that's availalbe by default, but unfortunately the one that comes with this version of Mint is 2.6.0-2, which apparently doesn't work well. So I don't really have any experience building it.

Additional question - where is your build directory?

I untarred into balsa-2.6.3 and I'm trying to build right in there.
I don't know if it will help, but try creating a new directory "build" there, cd into it, then do ../configure. The other thing you might try is to use meson. It works pretty much the same - cd into build, then "meson ..". I'm still trying to figure out why configure is failing for me.

On 10/04/2021 12:00:53 PM, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
First - what is the exact command you used?  (configure or meson full command line.)  Also, are you building from git or a tarball (if so, which version?)

On 10/4/21 13:19, Mike Witt via balsa-list wrote:
I'm trying to build Balsa on Mint 20. I'm currently stuck on configure telling me:

checking whether to use an external spell checker... configure enchant
checking for  enchant != 1.6.1 ... no
configure: error: Package requirements ( enchant != 1.6.1 ) were not met:

No package 'enchant' found

AFAICT I've got and enchant that is not 1.6.1:

enchant is already the newest version (1.6.0-11.3build1).
enchant-2 is already the newest version (2.2.8-1ubuntu0.20.04.1).

I'm on Gentoo and actually have enchant 2.3.0 and see that 2.3.1 is available, but 2.2.8 should certainly work.  I have no problem configuring with meson, but I can't test now with configure, as I'm getting a different strange error I need to track down.

Additional question - where is your build directory?  I create a build dir below the root of the repository.  (I'm also building from git, not a tarball, but I don't think that should matter, although I hope those aren't famous last words.)

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