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Hi Albrecht!

On 01/22/2020 04:04:09 PM Wed, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

I currently try to convince a colleague to use Balsa, and he mentioned some issues (more to come later) – 
here is a patch for a few more cosmetic ones which are easy to fix:

- If the signature status is /very/ long (as for an expired key in German translation), the message in the 
header box or in the expander label at the bottom may prevent the message from shrinking horizontally.  
Solution: enable label line wrap
- In the signature status box at the bottom, if the labels in the 2nd column wrap, the label in the 1st 
column is vertically centred which looks ugly.  Solution: use gtk_label_set_yalign()
- The wrapped label is centred in the column, not aligned at the left.  Solution: use gtk_label_set_xalign()
- The meaning of the blue/green/yellow/red padlock icons is not obvious.  Solution: add tooltip (this may be 
controversial as we didn't use tooltips yet, but it's an easy and intuitive solution).

The attached patch is suitable for both the master and gmime branches.  Note that it may produce offset 
warnings in combination with the “Bug fix: S/MIME cert chain broken in identity key selection” I sent earlier 
this evening, but should work anyway.

BTW, the gtk_label_set_xalign(…, 0.0F) trick might be helpful in several other places, too – e.g. for the 
message headers.  All long ones (like Received:) look really ugly!



Patch details:
- libbalsa/libbalsa-gpgme-widgets.c: improve xalign and yalign properties of labels in signature and key 
details widgets
- src/balsa-mime-widget-crypto.c: balsa_mime_widget_signature_widget: wrap/align signature status in expander 
label; balsa_mime_widget_crypto_frame: add tooltips to padlock icons
- src/balsa-mime-widget-message.c: add_header_sigstate: wrap/align signature status in headers box

Thanks for the patch--looks good! For myself, I don't see the tooltip as controversial!

I just pushed both of your patches to GitLab, and another setting the xalign on those ugly headers--thanks 
for the suggestion!



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