Re: [Patch] move recheck crypto button to menu, toolbar

Hi Albrecht:

On 02/25/2020 10:18:29 AM Tue, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

attached is a patch which
* moves the “recheck cryptographic content” button from the message headers to the “Message” menu with a 
* lets the user to optionally add a button to the toolbar (main or message window), and
* makes sure that the item (and button) is activated iff any encrypted or signed content is available.

This patch addresses Gitlab ticket 26, but as it seems to be impossible to add me for more than a few minutes 
to the project in that crappy tool, I submit it using the “traditional” (and working!) way… 😉️

Furthermore, the patch fixes a /very/ old issue which prevented the padlock icon being displayed in the 
message list for S/MIME (RFC 8551) signed and/or encrypted messages.

It would be great if a native speaker could review the naming of the toolbar button and the menu item – I am 
sure more accurate English labels would be possible!

Any opinions?


Thanks for the patch! Looking forward to seeing the GitLab work-flow actually working and flowing🙄️

I'm testing it right now, with the toolbar item installed--good to see the red seal again! One comment: the 
ctrl-D accel key conflicts with Toggle:Deleted; which reminds me, we really should implement a 



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