Re: Mangled signature

Hi Peter!

Am 25.02.20 19:31 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Oh, never mind, I remember now--it's the crappy POP server:

connected to
connection is encrypted
R '+OK Hello from jpop-0.1'

Yes, I recall we discussed that a while ago…  Any chance to get it replaced by something standard-compliant?

Better than not wrapping a '.' might be to encode it (=2E) when it begins a line?

Hmm, this would be something which had to be implemented in GMime, IMO.  And *every* message (part) must be 
encoded Quoted-Printable (or Base64, where it isn't an issue anyway) for this approach to work.  Therefore, I 
don't see how this could be implemented easily in Balsa, to be honest…


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