[Announce/test package] Autocrypt support for Balsa

Am 29.12.18 19:26 schrieb(en) Vincent Breitmoser:
One more thing, Is there a simple way to get a pre-release version with this for testing, perhaps a .deb, or 
a flatpak or similar? I guess not every potential tester is comfortable compiling it themselves.

O.k., I built a test package for Debian stretch from the current git version, “autocrypt” branch, which 
/should/ also work on related Ubuntu versions (18.04/18.10).  In addition to Autocrypt support and the 
“usual” standard features (LDAP, gss auth, …), I included the somewhat experimental support for gcr and the 
osmo address book.  See the file /usr/share/doc/balsa/README.gz for more details.

Although this version is actually the one I successfully use for my daily work, please note that it may still 
contain all sorts of nasty bugs and shortcomings, so using it is at your own risk!

The packages and signatures (using my usual key) are available from my web site:

As always, any feedback will be highly appreciated!


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