Re: [Patch] make IMAP messages translatable

Hi Peter:

Am 05.01.19 21:28 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
What a productive New Year!

…as I threatened last year… 😉

I've pushed all three patches to GitLab, autocrypt branch. I've had one instance of some CRITICAL messages 
related to AutoCrypt, but to my shame I was not in gdb so I didn't get a stack trace. I /am/ in gdb now, so 
if it happens again I should be able to debug.

Ouch.  Yes, that would be really great!  I think I'll build a Deb package (for Debian Stretch and Ubuntu), 
put it on my home page (if you don't mind), and post an announcement on the Autocrypt list.  This /might/ 
give us more feedback.

The geometry-management patch, which by the way is a huge maintainability win, had a meson build issue which 
I fixed as a separate commit.

Ooops, thanks, I missed that part.

I also changed size_allocate_cb (libbalsa/geometry-manager.c) to use gtk_window_get_size instead of the 
allocation, because of:

Ah!  Thanks for the clarification.  Actually, it /was/ there before, in the specific callbacks, but I thought 
I could omit the extra function call.  I should better read the docs, my fault.

but inadvertently committed it with your patch; so commit 019f8d965f622f3b4e6ebee43ded1c976dbe4aa9 is not 
exactly your patch--my apologies!

No problem, perfect for me!

I anticipate merging the branch into master soon, so back-porting the non-autocrypt patches to master is 
probably pointless.

Cool!  Thanks a lot for all your help!


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