Re: [Patch] make IMAP messages translatable

Hi Albrecht:

On 01/05/2019 07:32:39 AM Sat, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

I noticed that the messages coming from libbalsa/imap/*.c are not marked as being translatable.  The attached 
simple patch fixes this.  In addition, the macro imap_mbox_handle_set_msg() is replaced by a variadic 
function as to simplify adding error information.  Affected files are:

- libbalsa/imap/auth-cram.c, libbalsa/imap/auth-gssapi.c, libbalsa/imap/imap-commands.c, 
libbalsa/imap/imap-handle.c: make message strings translatable
- libbalsa/imap/imap-handle.c, libbalsa/imap/imap_private.h: implement imap_mbox_handle_set_msg() as function
- libbalsa/imap/imap-commands.h, libbalsa/imap/imap-tls.c: add GError to imap_handle_starttls() api
- po/ add files with translatable strings

Note that I created the patch for the autocrypt branch, so applying it to master will probably throw an 
offset warning for

What a productive New Year!

I've pushed all three patches to GitLab, autocrypt branch. I've had one instance of some CRITICAL messages 
related to AutoCrypt, but to my shame I was not in gdb so I didn't get a stack trace. I /am/ in gdb now, so 
if it happens again I should be able to debug.

The geometry-management patch, which by the way is a huge maintainability win, had a meson build issue which 
I fixed as a separate commit. I also changed size_allocate_cb (libbalsa/geometry-manager.c) to use 
gtk_window_get_size instead of the allocation, because of:

 * gtk_window_set_default_size:
 * If you use this function to reestablish a previously saved window size,
 * note that the appropriate size to save is the one returned by
 * gtk_window_get_size(). Using the window allocation directly will not
 * work in all circumstances and can lead to growing or shrinking windows.

but inadvertently committed it with your patch; so commit 019f8d965f622f3b4e6ebee43ded1c976dbe4aa9 is not 
exactly your patch--my apologies!

I anticipate merging the branch into master soon, so back-porting the non-autocrypt patches to master is 
probably pointless.



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