Re: [Bug + Fix?] Clear serach filter when an IMAP mailbox is closed

On 08/02/2019 04:52:05 AM Fri, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 02.08.19 10:41 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
Yes, turning on libnetclient debugging, it appears that in my case filtering is implemented using the IMAP 
“SORT” extension (RFC 5256).  No idea how balsa would deal with servers /not/ supporting it (I think I will 
temporarily disable detecting the SORT keyword and re-try).

To answer myself, in this case the messages are all loaded from the server, and filtering takes place locally.

So please go ahead with your patch…

Thanks, Albrecht.

OK, done. Must revisit how messages are filtered in and out of the view, some-time…


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