Re: [Proposal/Patch] SMTP logging

Hi Albrecht,

On 07/31/2019 08:17:24 AM Wed, Albrecht DreƟ wrote:
Hi all,

when Balsa sends a message to a local or remote SMTP server, a feedback is given only on failure.  However, 
sometimes it is necessary to trace sent messages on the SMTP server.

As to simplify this, I propose to add syslog logging for SMTP operations.  The attached patch will basically 
send a message to the facility LOG_MAIL with priority LOG_INFO for messages accepted by the SMTP server, and 
LOG_NOTICE for rejected ones, respectively.  The message includes the user name, the PID, the server, the 
message ID and the final server reply, e.g.:

Jul 30 13:59:20 deneb balsa: [4116:albrecht] SMTP=localhost:25 
Message-ID=TXYM6J7S.O4T6EXDP.EJQOUC54@TJOAIDH7.JSKKDXYR.UQTYV7L3 Result='2.0.0 Ok: queued as 682BD1FF079'

Note that syslog() is a standard API defined by IEEE 1003.1, and should thus work on every compliant system.  
Of course, it is up the system admin to configure the syslog backend properly.



This looks really helpful! Pushed to GitLab.

The discussion with Jack seems productive. A rework of Balsa's messaging would be great!



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