Re: [Bug + Fix?] Clear serach filter when an IMAP mailbox is closed

Hi Peter!

Am 02.08.19 02:10 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I've seen that myself, but never felt motivated to look for a fix :-)

As I use IMAP a lot, this turned out to be a little annoying…

I tested your patch and found no issues, but since it affects only IMAP mailboxes, I'd feel more comfortable 
with a more limited fix (see attached).

Afaict, it works just fine for my use case, so feel free to use your version.  Thanks!

However, for me it looks as if dropping the filter when a mailbox is closed would be a “natural” operation 
for any mailbox.

The handling of view-filters seems to be very different between local mailboxes and IMAP.

Yes, turning on libnetclient debugging, it appears that in my case filtering is implemented using the IMAP 
“SORT” extension (RFC 5256).  No idea how balsa would deal with servers /not/ supporting it (I think I will 
temporarily disable detecting the SORT keyword and re-try).


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