[Patch] Fix progress dialogue on error (Was: Good news)

Hi Jack:

Thanks a lot for testing, and for your feedback!

Am 07.01.18 00:39 schrieb(en) Jack:
The only actual remaining issue with this patch, then, is that if a mailbox fetch gets a "Socket I/O timed out" error, the 
entry for that mailbox is not removed from the dialog.  (Clearly, just hitting the "Hide" button is an adequate 
workaround.")  A minor annoyance, perhaps, but not really serious.

Thanks!  A stupid bug, not sending the “finalise” notification to the dialogue if opening the connection 
fails.  Trivial patch is attached…

Albrecht - thanks for all the work on this, and sorry for all the interim problems in getting through it.

You're welcome.  The issues you reported are clearly an indication that we have to review the 
(out-of-source?) build processes and the user documentation…

diff --git a/libbalsa/mailbox_pop3.c b/libbalsa/mailbox_pop3.c
index 199a7da..bfcc981 100644
--- a/libbalsa/mailbox_pop3.c
+++ b/libbalsa/mailbox_pop3.c
@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@ libbalsa_mailbox_pop3_check(LibBalsaMailbox * mailbox)
        server = LIBBALSA_MAILBOX_REMOTE_SERVER(mbox);
-       /* open the mailbox connection and get the messages list */
+       /* open the mailbox connection and get the messages list (note: initiates the progress dialogue) */
        pop = libbalsa_mailbox_pop3_startup(server, mbox, mailbox->name, &msg_list);
        /* proceed on success only */
@@ -691,8 +691,9 @@ libbalsa_mailbox_pop3_check(LibBalsaMailbox * mailbox)
                /* done - clean up */
-               libbalsa_mailbox_progress_notify(mailbox, LIBBALSA_NTFY_FINISHED, 1.0, _("Finished"));
+       libbalsa_mailbox_progress_notify(mailbox, LIBBALSA_NTFY_FINISHED, 1.0, _("Finished"));

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